Six Month Low Carb Anniversary!

I feel like I should identify my way of eating as “non processed” instead of low carb these days, but nonetheless, this is the first time in the 35 years of my life that I actually ever turned a “diet” into a lifestyle change. It’s officially been 6 months as I began this journey in early October 2017!

As many of you know, I have a history of experimenting with low carb eating but it wasn’t until my fertility doctor recommended this way of eating to improve egg quality in our IVF cycle that I ever really fully stuck to it to fully feel the benefits and get into the best shape of my life.

These days, I do occasionally eat gluten free carbs such as potatoes and rice, but I mostly stick to protein, veggies and fat. I crave these foods honestly. My body no longer wants processed junk, although I do occasionally break from my standards. Cadbury Creme Eggs really got to me this Easter season!

But my body seems to no longer tolerate gluten without undergoing stomach pain so it keeps me away from these processed foods. I also haven’t had a Diet Coke in 6 months! I no longer eat for the sake of eating or to fill a void. I eat real food, and I eat when I’m truly hungry, not just because the clock says its mealtime.

Looking back on my life, I really tried every diet imaginable.

Dieting for me has always not been about weight though, although that’s obviously a big component of it. It’s about feeling strong and feeling like I can control my urges, feel healthy, and in control of my life. I finally feel that way over the past six months, and that’s an indescribable feeling.

The message behind this blog is NOT that low carb is the answer for everyone. Not everything is for everyone. I found what works for me. Have you found what works for you, and makes you feel healthy and your best self???



Do you ever associate an event with an expected outcome?  I remember when planning to come to the conference I’m currently at in Houston about six months ago. At the time when planning to speak at this conference, Devin and I were in the throws of planning our IVF cycle.

With an egg retrieval for early December and assuming all went well the doctor would be implanting an embryo mid-February, I was pretty certain I would be at the early stages of  pregnancy at this conference, and would be figuring out a way to explain to my colleagues why I was not having a glass of wine at cocktail hour.

This preconceived notion of how things were ideally going to be hit me on the flight here. I’m not going to lie- I got sad realizing yet again the true reality that my vision had not come to fruition.

I know I have been strong and positive as much as possible, and I have shared all my strong thoughts via my Working Mother and Love What Matters articles. But the truth is, at times, I still do feel sad about our circumstances, despite my best attempts to be positive.

I want to thank the numerous people that have reached out to me since my articles were published- so many women reaching out to me privately sharing their similar stories lets me know I am not alone and demonstrates how common infertility and miscarriage is and makes me feel so incredibly happy that I shared our story publicly so that others know they are not alone.

I don’t really have a lesson or poignant point to make out of this story, unfortunately. Sometimes, life is just unfair and doesn’t make sense.


Where’s our baby?

This morning Alexander told me that a boy in his class, Adam, has a new baby sister and she was so cute. He then asked me, “Where’s our baby?” As I choked back tears, all I could tell him was “I’m sorry.” I didn’t know what else to say. I knew that the questions about why he doesn’t have a sibling were only just beginning and will probably only get more complex as he gets older.

Not long after though, he started taking about his cousins Aiden and Brennen and how he wanted to see them. It occurred to me that hopefully we’ll be able to cure his longing for a sibling with all the cousins in his life.

It sucks plain and simple. But I’m trying to look on the bright side of things. A lot of good things in the works. Today I’m off to D.C. for my usual quarterly trip. I just packed a size 2 pear of suit pants. Never have I ever in my life worn a size 2! As superficial as it is, if I can’t get pregnant again, why not be in the best shape ever, right?! #lowcarb4life

Other exciting updates are that I was contacted by an editor at Working Mother magazine last week who found my blog and was inspired about my honest sharing of our journey through IVF and wanted me to share my story with the magazine. The editor had also experienced secondary infertility/failed IVF and was touched by my blog. I was so happy when she reached out as I have high level of respect for Working Mother magazine and I hope to end up sharing my story in there! When I started this blog, I didn’t know if it would reach anyone but obviously it did!

I also found out recently that after much pursuit, I’m going to be an ambassador for the Women to Watch Foundation and help fundraise to provide vaccinations for girls in third world countries against cervical cancer. I’m so excited about this.

Maybe God has chosen to not give me another child because he has other important tasks for me?

A New Year and a New Chance to Get It Right


To my surprise, I received a message a few days ago from one of my public followers asking me to keep the blog going. Now that our IVF journey and quest for a second child is over, what should be the new focus of my blog writing? I would still like to talk about career/motherhood life-balance (if such a balance really exists), low carb eating, running, and other random thoughts as they occur and the itch to blog occurs from time to time.

I apologize for the radio silence for the past few weeks. Naturally, I have been in a time of reflection and trying to focus on moving forward in 2018, which I am actually feeling really positive about right now.

Let me tell you all a sad story which has really changed my perspective on our circumstances. One of my friends had recently been going through IVF at the same time as me. After her second egg retrieval, she was finally pregnant with her first child and was 12 weeks along and I have been over the moon happy for her. She was my shining light through our IVF process as a success story.

Unfortunately, she miscarried last week. Her uterus gave out (she had prior surgery on her uterus and they did not realize it was this weak and could not hold a baby until now). At the hospital she vaginally delivered her tiny baby- which had all its fingers and toes and was perfect- as well as the placenta. The baby was autopsied after and it was genetically perfect and a baby boy.

She and her husband are absolutely devastated and they are being told the only way they can have a child now is through a surrogate, which has been estimated at $80-$100k. Besides the financial cost of the two rounds of IVF they have already endured, the emotional toll on them is so unimaginable so I can understand why they would want to stop trying/take a major break at this point. It is unfathomable to me what they are going through right now- being so hopeful that they were finally going to get their dream of having a child- her belly was just starting to show a little bit- and the baby was perfect, but now they have lost it and wondering why them? They are good people and would have made great parents, so what did they do to deserve this?

If anything good has come out of what they are going through, it has made me so incredibly grateful that we found out early on in the process that this wasn’t going to work out. Thankfully, the genetic testing gave us the insight that I would have miscarried anyway, so I am so grateful to have found out early on in the process before they put a bad embryo in. And of course so grateful that we already have a healthy child. Damn, shit can always be worse……Please say a prayer for my friend and her husband.

Anyway, back to happier things. 2018 already feels fresh to me and wonderful. I’m getting some trips/travel planned for 2018. I’m running again and planning to run a 10K next week. I’m still trucking along with my low carb diet and loving it. It felt victorious to not put on holiday pounds like I normally do every year. I had a great holiday break spending time with my family and seeing friends in the Keys and Fort Lauderdale.

I’m trying to work on myself too. One of my goals for 2018 is to be more charitable- I’m in the process of giving away all of Alexander’s baby stuff right now and as sad as it is to see his stuff go, it feels good that it won’t be collecting dust and others will use it. I’m also in touch with a non-profit organization this week that has a mission that personally means a lot to me to see how I can help. Hopefully that will work out. I also know it won’t be instantaneous that I forget about my desire for a second child. While I’m feeling positive right now, I do still have my moments of sadness but I am hoping over time it completely passes as I try to distract myself with other things and move forward.

A New Year is a new beginning and a new chance to get it right. We can give ourselves the pass to forgive ourselves for any shortcomings last year, and have hope for a better version of ourselves this year. We of course should not hope for or expect radical/overnight change, but we can get better each day. And let’s not forget, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.




The End of our IVF Journey

As I lay here wide awake with insomnia, which seems to be a nightly occurrence this week, I felt compelled to write my last blog on the end of our IVF journey.

How am I feeling? To be honest, right now I am going in and out of complete sadness and then feeling positive. It ebbs and flows big time. So much of me is grieving and in complete shock that it didn’t work and accepting that we will be a 1-child family, but then another part of me honestly feels relief that it is all over.

Please- I love all my friends and family and all the support right now but all I want to hear right now is “I’m sorry.” Please don’t say any of the following to me (sorry I feel like a bitch for saying this but had to):

-“It may happen naturally still!” Stop, please don’t say this to me. While I know this is a remote possibility, I don’t want to have hope anymore and want to close this chapter in my mind. Not only that, my doctor said with IVF you fast forward a year’s worth of babymaking. I only produced 7 eggs, and obviously they were all bad. Plus look at the 2 1/2 years we have been trying overall and it hasn’t happened. The likelihood of it happening is minute, and again I’m ready to close this chapter of hoping for a second child so while I know you mean well, I don’t want to hear this and don’t want to hope anymore so I can shut the door on this.

-“You can adopt!” We don’t want to adopt, particularly Devin is very set on not adopting.

-“Now that you and Devin will finally relax and stop trying to control it, you will get pregnant!” See above (and F you for saying that lol). And I’m pretty sure our high stress jobs did not scientifically create genetic abnormalities in our embryos.

Anyway, back to what I was saying. I have been consumed the past 2 years with this cloud of secondary infertility hanging over me. 2016 was consumed with trying naturally, and 2017 was consumed with appointments at the fertility doctor.

Going into 2018, I know that I can now move on from all this secondary infertility bullshit and that I have God’s answer. There’s a reason why he doesn’t want us to have another child and a bigger purpose for us which we cannot see now, but I know in time we will.

In 2018, I can move on and focus on all that is good and wonderful in my life. My family, my friends, my wonderful hubby and son, my great career, and other fun.

After I got the news, I decided to distract myself and I’m starting to plan some girls trips in 2018 and Devin and I are planning a trip to Portugal in May for a wedding. I no longer wonder or have to worry about what if I’ll be pregnant and not able to plan things. How exciting!

I’m finally going to give away all the baby gear that we were saving from Alexander. I’m first going to let a friend or two get first dibs on what they want, and whatever remains is going to go to a battered women’s shelter/a Mom in need. We have so much baby stuff and it will make my heart happy to finally give it away.

I want to do some other good works in 2018 too. Maybe join a nonprofit board and/or get involved with a charity for kids. Perhaps both volunteering and monetary contributions.

I think I may get back into running too. I haven’t run consistently the past 2 years because of hard exercise being well known to work against fertility. So maybe I’ll start doing some races again next year? It’s also nice to not worry about caffeine intake, as that was something I have been watching too for fertility purposes. Bring on all the wine and coffee!!!

In summary, while this is the end, it’s also the beginning. When one door closes, another door opens. I’m looking forward to opening the door to 2018.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year. Love you all and thanks again for all your support.

Why I’m Grateful for My Career (especially during IVF); 2 Month Low-Carb Update


Why I’m Grateful for Work: If you have been keeping up with my Facebook page, you know that we have been receiving nearly daily updates on our 7 embryos since our egg retrieval last week and are now down to 2 surviving embryos, which we are waiting on genetic testing for another week now to see if they are genetically normal.

While I did not feel well when I was on the injections and right after the egg retrieval, I am still grateful I kept working. Each day I have had to wait until 4:30 PM for the call from the doctor to find out which embryos have survived. Thank god for work to keep me busy or I don’t know what I would do with myself during that time all day long to be distracted.  Each time when the doctor has called he has had a tone of voice like the Grim Reeper, almost like the tone of voice when you have found out someone has died to tell me how many embryos were lost that day. Fun. Don’t get me wrong- having a 3 year old keeps me busy too at night and on weekends, but he is at school during the day.

To be frank, I have been feeling a little down since our last update last night that only 2 embryos remain. While I know it only takes one, with odds of 50% of embryos having genetic abnormalities, if I apply those odds we are looking at only one remaining embryo next week. We could fare better or worse, but I’m just applying the black and white/scientific odds/averages.

Friends and family are encouraging me to be more positive and I truly appreciate the encouragement, but I like knowing my odds. If I were gambling, I would want to know the black and white odds. IVF is a complete gamble and we knew this all along. So I like to prepare myself for what news we may get next week. We knew the odds of 50% of embryos surviving to day 5, and that statistic was correct. In fact, unfortunately we actually fared slightly worse than the average, since only 2 out of 7 made it. If I had no idea about those odds and that we were likely going to lose at least half, I think I would be feeling worse right now. I knew what the odds were going in so that was helpful to me, so sorry if I seem like I’m being a pessimist. I would rather be realistic.

A quick funny story that other working moms will relate to- a good friend of mine who does not yet have kids encouraged me to binge watch TV last night to be distracted from the news I received yesterday. I was thinking, does Peppa Pig and Mickey Mouse count? LOL when you have a 3 year old and you work, there is no time to even watch a single TV show unless you miss out on sleep, and I choose sleep! Bless her sweet heart, she has no idea how time intensive being a parent is. She will find out soon enough.

And don’t worry, I am definitely getting myself out of this funk today.  And I know it only would take one embryo to achieve our dreams of a second child. I’m grateful for work which is bringing me to NYC tomorrow for a conference which will be celebrating and honoring fabulous women in the insurance industry that have been nominated. I’ve been going to this conference every year since about 2012 and I love that there is a conference dedicated to honoring women in my industry. I have read up on many of these women and many of them are Moms too, so I think they are amazing to have made it as far as they have in their careers and also juggled motherhood. Ashley Judd will be the keynote speaker on Friday too. And of course, who doesn’t love NYC.

Even better icing on the cake, Devin and Alexander will also be coming out on Friday after my conference ends so we can spend the weekend in NYC and see Christmas in NYC together as a family. I’m so excited for Alexander to experience NYC and even better Christmas in NYC- he is going to LOVE the huge tree at Rockefeller Center! I’m so grateful for a career that I love, and for it being a wonderful distraction while I go through the ups and downs of IVF. 

2 Month Low-Carb Update: It’s been just over 2 months since I began eating low carb high fat very strictly. As I had mentioned in my prior blogs, my doctor highly recommended low carb for his IVF patients.

I have no idea if eating this way helped my egg quality, especially since we went from 7 embryos down to 2, but I hope that it did help the 2 that survived. Over these last few months I have been diligent about eating high protein/non-processed foods, I cut out Diet Coke and most other artificial sweeteners, I cut back on wine intake, and I have not been doing any strenuous exercise as recommended by my doctor. Sometimes I wonder though, when I see crack-addicts and overly obese people getting pregnant- does it really matter how you eat and if you are healthy or not? I think in the end the big man upstairs just decides when it’s time for a woman to have a baby. It’s all a crapshoot. Bleh. But at least I can feel like I did what I could to help the process.

Just this week (and it’s only Wednesday), I have had 5 people/friends unprovoked tell me how skinny I am looking, and they also said particularly said it shows in my face. I’m sure between the low carb eating regimen and overall stress from IVF has been quite the efficient diet combo. The odd part is that the injections actually made me gain a few lbs for a short term, but I am now back to where I was before starting the injections, maybe about a pound or two less.  All in all since I started eating low carb hardcore in October, I have lost 8 lbs.

Just last week, I decided to add potatoes and beans back into my diet on occassion, as they are high fiber foods that come from nature that I really enjoy and I do not want to lose any more weight. I have never been a big fan of fruit, but if the mood strikes I will start to eat fruit too. Now to continue to treat low carb as a lifestyle habit long-term, especially with the holidays being here and lots of carb-alicious goodies around!

3 days Post-Egg Retrieval/Embryo Update



Embryo Update: Those of you that have been following my Mama in Chief Facebook page know that we retrieved 7 eggs from me on Wednesday, all of which fertilized and turned into embryos. Today is day 3 for the embryos, and I received a call from my doctor this afternoon. We have 4-5 embryos left. 2 he said definitely will not make it, 4 look perfect, and 1 of them is a little slower in development but looking pretty good. The key now is to see which ones survive until day 5 (Monday).

This is a crucial time- between today and Monday, as on average 50% of embryos stop developing between days 3-5 as the embryos stop working off the mother’s genetics and have to start working off their own genetics. We could end up being outside of the norm and fare better or worse, but we will hopefully likely end up with 2-3 embryos based upon this 50% likelihood. Those that make it to Monday will be frozen and biopsied. The biopsies will go off to a lab where they will test for genetic abnormalities, and we will also find out the gender of the embryo(s). We will receive the results of the genetic testing sometime Christmas week.

As for when they will transfer an embryo to me, my doctor had been flip-flopping between January and February, but today he told me he wants to do it in February. He wants to give more time for my body to recuperate and for us to get the results of the genetic testing back before prepping me for an embryo transfer.

How I’m feeling physically: I was under anesthesia for the egg retrieval, and had to take Valium before hand and took some Tylenol with codeine afterward, so when I got home on Wednesday I slept for 3 hours- it was a mixture of exhaustion and the anesthesia/medications that put me into a serious nap coma. I have definitely been feeling sore in the lower abdomen and in my lady parts. They stuck a big probe up there to get my eggs out, and I could definitely feel it after the procedure was overwith. I still have been sleeping more than usual, but I’m glad to be no longer taking the pain meds and no longer feeling sore! My doctor said that with the two weeks of injections and the egg retrieval, you are basically forcing your body to produce a years’ worth of eggs squeezed into two weeks so its no wonder it takes a toll on the body.

How I’m feeling emotionally: I’m not going to lie, while I’m feeling optimistic, this is a roller coaster process. I’m anxious and nervous to see how many embryos survive to Monday. And then the results of the genetic testing. And then when February comes, will an embryo stick and will I get pregnant? There are so many unknowns in this process which comes along with a huge emotional and financial investment, but I knew this early on. I just have to be patient and know that what is meant to be, will be. Prayers still appreciated.


Day 7 of IVF Update


I thought this e-card was hysterical. My mood perfectly described! By the way, I’m really glad I did this blog as I’m so grateful that so many of my friends and family want status updates, and this gives me a central place to update everyone at the same time. I really appreciate everyone’s support and caring.

Day 7 and I am feeling better on some days than others. My body is seemingly going through a mix of lightheadedness, exhaustion, bloating, emotional, headaches, nausea, and just generally not feeling like myself from the medications. All of these symptoms come and go at different times. There are about 4-5 bruises and soreness on each of my thighs right now where the injections go- I’m glad it is not bathingsuit season!

Being at work this week was really tough. Our receptionist when I walked in on Tuesday said, “OMG, are you OK? You don’t look good.” My boss even ended a meeting on Tuesday and asked everyone to leave and shut the door so he could ask me if I was OK. I guess it was written all over my face how terrible I was feeling. Probably in the way I was dressed too. Normally I make sure to make myself presentable at work but Tuesday morning I felt so bloated that there was no way I was putting real pants on (reminded me of when I was pregnant with Alexander, toward the end- pants were not happening!). So I went to work in leggings and a flannel top. I guess all in all I did not look like the normal usually put-together Heather. And my head was spinning!

Today I start a new and 3rd daily injection. While my other two injections are intended to make my eggs/follicles grow, this one is to make sure my body does not release any eggs prior to the egg retrieval.  It is interesting, each day based upon my bloodwork my doctor calls and updates me with a new updated prescription regimen for that day. I feel like I should be living at my doctor’s office right now, as I have been there nearly every day this week!

Some good news to share though:

-My doctor says my body is responding very well to the medication. On Tuesday apparently my bloodwork showed a number so high that it was similar to that of what he would see for an egg donor. So he dropped my medication dosage down so as to not overstimulate and brought me in for a last minute appointment Wednesday morning just to make sure I was OK. We were shocked to see I was reacting so well because when we tested my egg reserve level a few months ago, it came back showing I had a low egg reserve. However, the doctor says that the only true way to test egg reserve level is to stimulate (go through IVF). So perhaps my egg reserve level is better than we thought, I hope?! Still early to tell but a good sign nonetheless.

-Based upon what he is seeing right now, my doctor predicts we will retrieve between 6-9 eggs next week (my egg retrieval date will be either Wednesday or Thursday next week. I will know which day it will be for sure after my appointment on Monday). That’s a pretty good number and fingers crossed that happens. Even if we retrieve that many, we will likely not end up with that may embryos. It all depends which ones survive past day 5 after the embryos are created, and also we will have to make sure that they are genetically normal. Based upon that number, hopefully I will have anywhere between 2-5 embryos after this is all said and done realistically. Could be better or worse, but this is an estimate based upon my research. But, I won’t count my eggs until they are fertilized, so we will see!

-The last piece of good news: my doctor said we could possibly transfer an embryo in January now instead of February. This is all assuming I have a normal and healthy embryo to transfer. If no normal embryos, I would be gearing up for another egg retrieval- not 100% sure I would  want to do that right away, so I hope that we don’t have to end up crossing that bridge.

Fingers crossed. I am so glad this stage will be over next week. Thanks again to all my friends and family that keep checking on me! xoxo

Day #3 of IVF

Tonight’s cocktail- day 3 of injections! I’m injecting myself this week as Devin travels for work. The needles are not bad but for some reason tonight as I was injecting myself I started to feel faint and dizzy and had to lay down. I’m sure I will get more used to it the more I do it each night. Yes, I’m being a big wuss! 😂

I did give myself injections a few months ago when Devin and I tried 2 Intrauterine Inseminations (IUIs) earlier this year that were obviously not successful. I don’t think I have shared our experience with IUIs earlier this year on the blog yet.

If you don’t know what an IUI is, it’s basically a first step fertility treatment that is far less invasive, less costly, and less time consuming than IVF. Essentially the doctor put me on Clomid (a drug to make a woman ovulate more strongly) and then monitored me to see when I was ready to ovulate. 2 days prior to ovulation, I had to inject myself with a drug that would make my body release an egg within 36 hours exactly. Then 36 hours from the injection, Devin gives a sperm sample, the doctor “washes” the sperm and then injects the sperm inside my uterus right near where the egg is releasing. IUIs sound good in theory but in reality the success rate of IUIs is only about 10%. I am glad we gave it two tries as I know some people that IUIs have worked for. It’s still so weird though- they put hundreds of millions of sperm right next to my egg and nothing happened. I knew the success rates and statistic, but I still don’t get it.

Back to the IVF. So far I have not felt much different from the injections but today I have had terrible headaches all day long, like behind the eyeballs migraine kind of pain. Back to work on a busy Monday after a holiday weekend I’m sure didn’t help either. Apparently headaches are the #1 side effect and totally normal so I am not worried and just need to power through. Tomorrow I will go see my doctor and they will draw blood to see how I’m responding to the medications and adjust as needed.

Time to sleep. Extra rest is recommended during this process and actually it is recommended not to exercise very much (or if I do exercise to only do gentle exercise like walking). I’ll use this time to have an excuse to hit the snooze button on hitting the treadmill in the morning if I feel like it! Goodnight! 😴

The Beginning of our IVF Journey


Shit just got real. The medications that I will be taking over the next 2 weeks have arrived at my house- to say the least, it was slightly overwhelming when it came in such a large box and I saw all of this! I will be (and Devin will be helping) injecting my thigh with up to 3-4 medications a night over the next two weeks. Sometime between December 6th and 8th (depending on when the doctor determines my eggs are ready), I will go in for an egg retrieval. We are hoping that they retrieve somewhere between 8-10 eggs.

After that, it is well known that most or about half of the eggs will either die off or not fertilize. We are hoping that after genetic testing, and our embryos making it to day 5, that we will have a few (3-4 would be amazing) viable and healthy embryos to be frozen. After the egg retrieval, I will recover and then we are not looking at an embryo transfer until mid-February. We need to give my body time to go back to normal after all the egg stimulating medications and also prep it to healthfully receive the embryo. There will be more medications prior to the embryo transfer, but more information on that later.

This whole process is really interesting. Beside just wanting to have another baby, I am enjoying going through the IVF process as well, being the dork that I am, out of sheer fascination for medical technology and what our modern medicine has been able to achieve.  The genetic testing that they will do on our embryos is fascinating. We will not only be able to know if the embryo is genetically normal, but also its gender. Assuming we have a few viable embryos at the end, and we get to pick gender of what we implant, how crazy is that?!

Also from having a legal background and being a lawyer, the paperwork we had to fill out to start this process was much more than I anticipated, but it was interesting nonetheless to think about all the possible legal scenarios when going through the paperwork. We spent about an hour each filling out the paperwork.

No joke, it felt like buying a house. We both had to sign and notarize a ton of papers to start IVF.  Questions that we addressed in our paperwork were essentially: If you and your partner die simultaneously, would you want your embryos donated to science, discarded, or donated to a family member? What if only one of you dies? Do you want to pay a monthly fee to store your embryos, and if so, for how long? Do you want to insure your embryos? Do you give your doctor the authorization to discard genetically abnormal embryos? It kind of felt like a mix of being at work  and being in the middle of doing our estate planning.

On another note, I am excited to get started. Today is my last day of the birth control pill and right after Thanksgiving I will start all my stimulating medications. I’m looking forward to time with family and friends this week, and I am thankful for such wonderful family and friends.

On a final note, my low carb regimen is still going really well. I am still really enjoying the food and feeling good. Honestly I do not really miss eating differently. I like the structure of this eating regimen and feel good doing it. It’s also a whole different motivation to do this diet for reasons other than vanity/weight. But still, weight loss is a side benefit from this. Just last week, wy weight dipped into the 130’s for the first time in over 4 years. I consider myself to have been in the best shape at our wedding, and my weight is now right around wedding weight! I don’t mind being as slim as I was at our wedding…I’ll take that as a plus. And I’m cooking a lot more for my family now. Low carb inspired that too, so I am thankful for the low carb lifestyle as well for making me feel great!

Thankful thankful thankful. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!