Birth Control Pills: The Only Part of IVF That is Free- Thanks Obamacare!


The first part of IVF is not what you would expect: I have to take a birth control pill for a little over 3 weeks before I can start my medications to stimulate egg production. It seems strange to be taking a birth control pill when this process is about getting pregnant, but the reasoning is that it will better allow my ovaries to respond to stimulating medicines and level out my hormones.

I was pleasantly surprised when the Walgreens pharmacist told me that my birth control was free. It had been so long since I took birth control that I forgot that Obamacare mandated that health plans provide contraceptives free of charge (a great initiative in my opinion). Looking at the very expensive costs of IVF that we have in front of us, I have to celebrate that this will likely be the only free part- haha!

Although, I am certainly grateful that Devin and I are fortunate enough to be able to afford IVF. Something that is not well known is that it is extremely rare for insurance to cover any fertility treatments, so everything is out of pocket. Unfortunately, our cost will be on the higher side than most patients, as I have a history of epilepsy and additional precautions for the egg retrieval will have to be taken. Most women can do their egg retrievals in an outpatient setting, but I will need to do mine in a supervised hospital due to my history of epilepsy which increases costs. Knock on wood though- I have not had a seizure since 2010 and my epilepsy medication regimen seems to be working great!

Aside from the high financial costs of IVF, the emotional investment is huge. I know both people that IVF worked for and people it didn’t work for. So, we have to be prepared for all outcomes. If it doesn’t work, I know it will be very hard on us, but in the end we will be glad we gave our dream of a second child everything we could.

For those of you wondering and into following OUR IVF journey, our general IVF schedule is listed below. It’s a longer process than I thought it would be. But, we are ready to be patient and do everything the right way so that we can increase our chances of this working.

I guess I have to state a disclaimer here. The lawyer in me can’t help it. If you choose to join us on this journey, be prepared for whatever outcome. It may work perfectly the first time. Or it may not work at all. Or it may work initially and then I may lose it. You will hear all of this if you follow the blog and our journey- both the good and bad. But I am so fortunate for all of the support from those that want to follow our journey- so THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

General IVF Schedule 

It will be an easier few weeks while I take the birth control, so in the meantime I will be blogging more about taking good care of myself and eating well before I start the madness of injections and medications prior to the egg retrieval!

October 27- November 20: Take Birth Control Pill

Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving): Begin stimulating medicines. Mid-November I have an appointment with my doctor to explain all of the medications/injections I will be doing. I know it is a lot, and may be injecting myself several times a day. I will likely need Devin’s help with the injections that go in the buttcheek!

Sometime between December 6-8: Egg retrieval procedure at hospital. We are hoping we can get at least 8-10 eggs.

Post Egg- Retrieval: Doctor will create embryos and genetically test them. With the genetic testing, we will even be able to know if the embryo is a boy or girl! The doctor will then freeze the viable embryos.

Sometime February 2018: Transfer of Embryo

Stay tuned!


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