The Question I’ve Been Waiting For; 1-Month Low-Carb Check-In


I knew it was inevitable and just a matter of time before Alexander would start asking for a brother or sister. It was his 3rd birthday this weekend, and ironically timed with his birthday was the first time he asked us this question. He asked me while I was at his pre-school picking him up, and then later on he asked his Dad the same day before going to bed. He actually said he prefers a sister.

Truthfully, I dreaded the day he would ask this question. How do you explain to such a young child that it’s something that you want to give him, but it’s just not happening and you have no control over it?! Thinking of this day and how I would explain this to him was such a dreaded moment.

Devin and I enjoyed our sibling relationships growing up (and continue to enjoy/benefit from these relationships as adults) and this is a huge reason why we want to give Alexander a sibling so badly: so he too can experience having siblings. Not that there’s anything wrong with being an only child, and I know there can be many, many benefits to only having one child. We just…always envisioned he would have what we had growing up: a partner in crime and sibling to confide in and learn from. And we never expected that we would experience secondary infertility.

So, we still hope we’ll answer his wish, and our wish. In the end, hearing this question from him did not hurt as much as I anticipated in my head. I was prepared for the question, and knowing we are about to begin more diligent efforts to make this happen with IVF made me feel more calm about all of it. Next week I will see the fertility doctor and attend a 1-hour appointment to teach Devin and I how to administer all of the fertility medications. I will be ready to take notes! Black Friday begins the actual medications. I will keep everyone posted…….

As for my 1-month low carb check-in: It’s been 1 month since I’ve made this my full time way eating again. I feel really great and lost 6 lbs this month. I don’t really want to continue to lose more weight as I’m pretty happy where I’m at now, so I started eating breakfast again and I am no longer intermittent fasting to keep my weight more stable.

This way of eating has had numerous great effects on me. I feel healthy and more energetic, and it has caused me to cook and experiment more in the kitchen.

I learned a lot from this past month. I remembered how much I love low carb eating and how it can be really wonderful if I make efforts to change up and vary my meals. Also, there are so many great low-carb products on the market these days that make this way of eating much easier.

I also remembered that cheating makes me feel like shit. This past Friday night, I decided to eat 2 pieces of pepperoni pizza. Because truthfully, I was feeling bored of my usual meals and if I was going to cheat, pizza is what I wanted. So I ate the two slices, and it was quite tasty going down. But for 2 days after that, my stomach was not right. I will not go into details about that- lol. I think the gluten/wheat in the pizza put my stomach into shock after eating no refined carbs/sugars for a month. It made me want to stick to this way of eating that much more. Clearly, my body was rejecting that food for a reason.

So continue on I will….with a heart full of hope and belly full of bacon.

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