The Beginning of our IVF Journey


Shit just got real. The medications that I will be taking over the next 2 weeks have arrived at my house- to say the least, it was slightly overwhelming when it came in such a large box and I saw all of this! I will be (and Devin will be helping) injecting my thigh with up to 3-4 medications a night over the next two weeks. Sometime between December 6th and 8th (depending on when the doctor determines my eggs are ready), I will go in for an egg retrieval. We are hoping that they retrieve somewhere between 8-10 eggs.

After that, it is well known that most or about half of the eggs will either die off or not fertilize. We are hoping that after genetic testing, and our embryos making it to day 5, that we will have a few (3-4 would be amazing) viable and healthy embryos to be frozen. After the egg retrieval, I will recover and then we are not looking at an embryo transfer until mid-February. We need to give my body time to go back to normal after all the egg stimulating medications and also prep it to healthfully receive the embryo. There will be more medications prior to the embryo transfer, but more information on that later.

This whole process is really interesting. Beside just wanting to have another baby, I am enjoying going through the IVF process as well, being the dork that I am, out of sheer fascination for medical technology and what our modern medicine has been able to achieve.  The genetic testing that they will do on our embryos is fascinating. We will not only be able to know if the embryo is genetically normal, but also its gender. Assuming we have a few viable embryos at the end, and we get to pick gender of what we implant, how crazy is that?!

Also from having a legal background and being a lawyer, the paperwork we had to fill out to start this process was much more than I anticipated, but it was interesting nonetheless to think about all the possible legal scenarios when going through the paperwork. We spent about an hour each filling out the paperwork.

No joke, it felt like buying a house. We both had to sign and notarize a ton of papers to start IVF.  Questions that we addressed in our paperwork were essentially: If you and your partner die simultaneously, would you want your embryos donated to science, discarded, or donated to a family member? What if only one of you dies? Do you want to pay a monthly fee to store your embryos, and if so, for how long? Do you want to insure your embryos? Do you give your doctor the authorization to discard genetically abnormal embryos? It kind of felt like a mix of being at work  and being in the middle of doing our estate planning.

On another note, I am excited to get started. Today is my last day of the birth control pill and right after Thanksgiving I will start all my stimulating medications. I’m looking forward to time with family and friends this week, and I am thankful for such wonderful family and friends.

On a final note, my low carb regimen is still going really well. I am still really enjoying the food and feeling good. Honestly I do not really miss eating differently. I like the structure of this eating regimen and feel good doing it. It’s also a whole different motivation to do this diet for reasons other than vanity/weight. But still, weight loss is a side benefit from this. Just last week, wy weight dipped into the 130’s for the first time in over 4 years. I consider myself to have been in the best shape at our wedding, and my weight is now right around wedding weight! I don’t mind being as slim as I was at our wedding…I’ll take that as a plus. And I’m cooking a lot more for my family now. Low carb inspired that too, so I am thankful for the low carb lifestyle as well for making me feel great!

Thankful thankful thankful. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

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