Day #3 of IVF

Tonight’s cocktail- day 3 of injections! I’m injecting myself this week as Devin travels for work. The needles are not bad but for some reason tonight as I was injecting myself I started to feel faint and dizzy and had to lay down. I’m sure I will get more used to it the more I do it each night. Yes, I’m being a big wuss! 😂

I did give myself injections a few months ago when Devin and I tried 2 Intrauterine Inseminations (IUIs) earlier this year that were obviously not successful. I don’t think I have shared our experience with IUIs earlier this year on the blog yet.

If you don’t know what an IUI is, it’s basically a first step fertility treatment that is far less invasive, less costly, and less time consuming than IVF. Essentially the doctor put me on Clomid (a drug to make a woman ovulate more strongly) and then monitored me to see when I was ready to ovulate. 2 days prior to ovulation, I had to inject myself with a drug that would make my body release an egg within 36 hours exactly. Then 36 hours from the injection, Devin gives a sperm sample, the doctor “washes” the sperm and then injects the sperm inside my uterus right near where the egg is releasing. IUIs sound good in theory but in reality the success rate of IUIs is only about 10%. I am glad we gave it two tries as I know some people that IUIs have worked for. It’s still so weird though- they put hundreds of millions of sperm right next to my egg and nothing happened. I knew the success rates and statistic, but I still don’t get it.

Back to the IVF. So far I have not felt much different from the injections but today I have had terrible headaches all day long, like behind the eyeballs migraine kind of pain. Back to work on a busy Monday after a holiday weekend I’m sure didn’t help either. Apparently headaches are the #1 side effect and totally normal so I am not worried and just need to power through. Tomorrow I will go see my doctor and they will draw blood to see how I’m responding to the medications and adjust as needed.

Time to sleep. Extra rest is recommended during this process and actually it is recommended not to exercise very much (or if I do exercise to only do gentle exercise like walking). I’ll use this time to have an excuse to hit the snooze button on hitting the treadmill in the morning if I feel like it! Goodnight! 😴

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