Day 7 of IVF Update


I thought this e-card was hysterical. My mood perfectly described! By the way, I’m really glad I did this blog as I’m so grateful that so many of my friends and family want status updates, and this gives me a central place to update everyone at the same time. I really appreciate everyone’s support and caring.

Day 7 and I am feeling better on some days than others. My body is seemingly going through a mix of lightheadedness, exhaustion, bloating, emotional, headaches, nausea, and just generally not feeling like myself from the medications. All of these symptoms come and go at different times. There are about 4-5 bruises and soreness on each of my thighs right now where the injections go- I’m glad it is not bathingsuit season!

Being at work this week was really tough. Our receptionist when I walked in on Tuesday said, “OMG, are you OK? You don’t look good.” My boss even ended a meeting on Tuesday and asked everyone to leave and shut the door so he could ask me if I was OK. I guess it was written all over my face how terrible I was feeling. Probably in the way I was dressed too. Normally I make sure to make myself presentable at work but Tuesday morning I felt so bloated that there was no way I was putting real pants on (reminded me of when I was pregnant with Alexander, toward the end- pants were not happening!). So I went to work in leggings and a flannel top. I guess all in all I did not look like the normal usually put-together Heather. And my head was spinning!

Today I start a new and 3rd daily injection. While my other two injections are intended to make my eggs/follicles grow, this one is to make sure my body does not release any eggs prior to the egg retrieval.  It is interesting, each day based upon my bloodwork my doctor calls and updates me with a new updated prescription regimen for that day. I feel like I should be living at my doctor’s office right now, as I have been there nearly every day this week!

Some good news to share though:

-My doctor says my body is responding very well to the medication. On Tuesday apparently my bloodwork showed a number so high that it was similar to that of what he would see for an egg donor. So he dropped my medication dosage down so as to not overstimulate and brought me in for a last minute appointment Wednesday morning just to make sure I was OK. We were shocked to see I was reacting so well because when we tested my egg reserve level a few months ago, it came back showing I had a low egg reserve. However, the doctor says that the only true way to test egg reserve level is to stimulate (go through IVF). So perhaps my egg reserve level is better than we thought, I hope?! Still early to tell but a good sign nonetheless.

-Based upon what he is seeing right now, my doctor predicts we will retrieve between 6-9 eggs next week (my egg retrieval date will be either Wednesday or Thursday next week. I will know which day it will be for sure after my appointment on Monday). That’s a pretty good number and fingers crossed that happens. Even if we retrieve that many, we will likely not end up with that may embryos. It all depends which ones survive past day 5 after the embryos are created, and also we will have to make sure that they are genetically normal. Based upon that number, hopefully I will have anywhere between 2-5 embryos after this is all said and done realistically. Could be better or worse, but this is an estimate based upon my research. But, I won’t count my eggs until they are fertilized, so we will see!

-The last piece of good news: my doctor said we could possibly transfer an embryo in January now instead of February. This is all assuming I have a normal and healthy embryo to transfer. If no normal embryos, I would be gearing up for another egg retrieval- not 100% sure I would  want to do that right away, so I hope that we don’t have to end up crossing that bridge.

Fingers crossed. I am so glad this stage will be over next week. Thanks again to all my friends and family that keep checking on me! xoxo

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