3 days Post-Egg Retrieval/Embryo Update



Embryo Update: Those of you that have been following my Mama in Chief Facebook page know that we retrieved 7 eggs from me on Wednesday, all of which fertilized and turned into embryos. Today is day 3 for the embryos, and I received a call from my doctor this afternoon. We have 4-5 embryos left. 2 he said definitely will not make it, 4 look perfect, and 1 of them is a little slower in development but looking pretty good. The key now is to see which ones survive until day 5 (Monday).

This is a crucial time- between today and Monday, as on average 50% of embryos stop developing between days 3-5 as the embryos stop working off the mother’s genetics and have to start working off their own genetics. We could end up being outside of the norm and fare better or worse, but we will hopefully likely end up with 2-3 embryos based upon this 50% likelihood. Those that make it to Monday will be frozen and biopsied. The biopsies will go off to a lab where they will test for genetic abnormalities, and we will also find out the gender of the embryo(s). We will receive the results of the genetic testing sometime Christmas week.

As for when they will transfer an embryo to me, my doctor had been flip-flopping between January and February, but today he told me he wants to do it in February. He wants to give more time for my body to recuperate and for us to get the results of the genetic testing back before prepping me for an embryo transfer.

How I’m feeling physically: I was under anesthesia for the egg retrieval, and had to take Valium before hand and took some Tylenol with codeine afterward, so when I got home on Wednesday I slept for 3 hours- it was a mixture of exhaustion and the anesthesia/medications that put me into a serious nap coma. I have definitely been feeling sore in the lower abdomen and in my lady parts. They stuck a big probe up there to get my eggs out, and I could definitely feel it after the procedure was overwith. I still have been sleeping more than usual, but I’m glad to be no longer taking the pain meds and no longer feeling sore! My doctor said that with the two weeks of injections and the egg retrieval, you are basically forcing your body to produce a years’ worth of eggs squeezed into two weeks so its no wonder it takes a toll on the body.

How I’m feeling emotionally: I’m not going to lie, while I’m feeling optimistic, this is a roller coaster process. I’m anxious and nervous to see how many embryos survive to Monday. And then the results of the genetic testing. And then when February comes, will an embryo stick and will I get pregnant? There are so many unknowns in this process which comes along with a huge emotional and financial investment, but I knew this early on. I just have to be patient and know that what is meant to be, will be. Prayers still appreciated.


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