Do you ever associate an event with an expected outcome?  I remember when planning to come to the conference I’m currently at in Houston about six months ago. At the time when planning to speak at this conference, Devin and I were in the throws of planning our IVF cycle.

With an egg retrieval for early December and assuming all went well the doctor would be implanting an embryo mid-February, I was pretty certain I would be at the early stages of  pregnancy at this conference, and would be figuring out a way to explain to my colleagues why I was not having a glass of wine at cocktail hour.

This preconceived notion of how things were ideally going to be hit me on the flight here. I’m not going to lie- I got sad realizing yet again the true reality that my vision had not come to fruition.

I know I have been strong and positive as much as possible, and I have shared all my strong thoughts via my Working Mother and Love What Matters articles. But the truth is, at times, I still do feel sad about our circumstances, despite my best attempts to be positive.

I want to thank the numerous people that have reached out to me since my articles were published- so many women reaching out to me privately sharing their similar stories lets me know I am not alone and demonstrates how common infertility and miscarriage is and makes me feel so incredibly happy that I shared our story publicly so that others know they are not alone.

I don’t really have a lesson or poignant point to make out of this story, unfortunately. Sometimes, life is just unfair and doesn’t make sense.


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